Duplicate photos can be a menace. This is due to the fact that they can clutter the entire photo collection so fast and also use up your disk space regardless of how limited it is. Without the correct software, you may have a very hard time to locate all those photos taking up space. A good duplicate photo finder comes in handy in such a case.

What it does

The duplicate photo organizers are designed in a way that it looks for different similarities on various images and this helps in the location of duplicates and also photos that bear the very same pixels. Edited images, resized photos, flipped photos and rotated photos.

Most of the photo organizers are able to support various photo formats such as GIF, PNG. JPEG, JPG and RAW. A photo finder with this trait is the best because it will do a very thorough job for you.

Once the duplicates are found, these programs will then give you very easy options of choosing the ones to delete and the ones to keep. You can mark files using different categories so as to de-clutter your system fast.

Most of the photo organizers have a viewer where pictures are placed together so that it becomes easier for you to compare them and decide on the ones that need to be discarded.

Who can benefit from these programs?

Anyone can benefit from these kinds of programs. There are people who maintain great collections of digital media such as images and photos. In such cases, it becomes very easy to have more than one copy of the photo or image in question. The file that you do not need are not removed, and then the hard disk is overwhelmed and will have images that are of no importance to you since they already exist. The photo finders help to remove the files and organize your collection making it easier to access.

The features commonly included in the programs

· The photo organizers usually allow you to organize photos in a way that you can easily find them when you need them.

· The other important feature is the fact that most are able to identify any wasted disc space and then recover it

· The backup size and the time are reduced to a great extent

· Users are allowed to view all images, original and duplicate

Qualities of the best organizing software

1. It should allow the user to review images. It is not reasonable to open all files, but a preview feature makes it much easier.

2. It should offer enhanced backup and file security facility so as to ensure the data isn’t changed for any reason whatsoever

3. Smart algorithms should be used as the scan commences. These deal with clone images which usually use up a lot of space in the hard disk

4. The very best duplicate photo organizer should be able to offer solutions to the user such as the quick fix. The user should be given options that are easy to use so as to delete the files that have been found if he wants to. A list box result helps the user to view images and then take action